How to Make Chocolate Ganache With Milk

Do you ever go to the store to buy an item and come back with all sorts of items excluding the one thing you went for in the first place?

Or no matter how thorough you are about writing a shopping list there is always a vital item which you almost always seem to forget?

Mine has to be fresh cream for making chocolate ganache! I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught out but never seem to learn my lesson.

White chocolate ganache with milk

This recipe was developed out of desperation. My husband was away, kids were on bed (10pm) and there was no way I could pop out to buy some. I was going to have to attempt using just what I had, which was just milk and chocolate. I guess as the saying goes necessity is the master of all invention

White Chocolate ganache without cream

Since I started covering my cakes using ganache before fondant (sugarpaste) I have not looked back. It helps give the most amazing and flawless finish to cakes, makes getting sharp edges easier and best of all it is utterly delicious

ganache without cream

I’m going to share the white chocolate ganache recipe today, and the dark in an upcoming post.

You will need: 5 parts white chocolate to 1 part milk, for example  1kg (1000g) of chocolate to 200g of milk (I weigh the milk too, but there’s not a huge difference if you chose to use a fluid measuring jug)

Place the chocolate (broken into squares if not using callets/ buttons) into a microwavable bowl. Add milk and microwave on full power for 20- 30 second blasts. Mix after each blast and take care not to burn the chocolate

The it should be spreadable consistency, more like cream cheese.

A great video tutorial on how to obtain sharp edges, and recipe for ganache using cream is this one by Michelle of Inspired by Michelle Designs



Do you prefer ganache or buttercream for crumb coating your cakes?

11 thoughts on “How to Make Chocolate Ganache With Milk

  1. really really good advice, and if i’m not mistaken also good for avoiding the whole EH issue if you don’t usually work with fresh cream? sorry, only just caught on to this thread… ;o)

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