Why I chose to run a cake decorating business

Lately I’ve been trying to come to a decision as to whether I carry on doing enough hours a year or not in order to keep my registration with the health professions council. Part of me feels like I should make an effort to stay registered as an Advanced Practitioner in Medical Ultrasound. I am however finding it increasingly difficult to fit it into my already busy schedule. Perhaps it is time for me to burn my bridges so I can focus on what I love best. Failure will no longer be an option.

A bit of my background
I studied Radiography and went on to do a Postgrad in Medical Ultrasound. I enjoyed my job on the most part, but like many I just selected it from a list of available courses not particularly because I wanted to do it, but I had to choose a qualification of some sort. I went on to become a Clinical Applications Specialist. This appeared to be my dream job at the time. I guess for the most part I did not really see life outside the medical field.

I never saw myself ever having the opportunity to work from home due to the nature of my job-unless I built my own hospital! Although this was a brilliant job in a sense, I had to do it on a full-time basis and it took me away from home a lot. This meant spending less time with my husband and two boys, Yanis and Ethan.


My reasons for starting a business…

  1. I wanted to be able to spend more time with my family and earn some form of income as we cannot afford to live on one income
  2. I get to do work I am passionate about. I love being in the kitchen, it is such a privilege to wake up everyday and do what I love the most, which is creating edible pieces of art. The joy on customers faces when they come to collect their cakes is priceless.
  3. I get to choose my working hours, and manage to spend valuable time with my loved ones. I am able organise my work so I do as much as I can while the children are at school or in bed so I can be with them when they need me
  4. Although cake making in itself is quite a low paying job initially, there is no limit to the earning potential unlike in a traditional job. I believe as I get more experience things will get better. To supplement my income I have opened my Cake decorating supplies online shop which is going from strength to strength
  5. Lastly -I do not miss commuting!!!

Have you transitioned from a traditional job or are you considering it/ running your own business? How are you dealing with it?


17 thoughts on “Why I chose to run a cake decorating business

  1. wow Fiso i just qualified as a radiographer and have been baking quite a lot in the last 6 months. I am self taught. I started baking as an idea to gain a bit of extra cash at the side when i start working as a qualified Radiographer. I can truly say you are an inspiration as i am somehow walking in your footsteps

  2. Hi Fiso

    You are such an inspiration…. I too was a commuter in a highly stressful job. Away fromthe family all day, baby at minders from 730 till 6. I decided to resign from my job as of this month to spend quality time with my dear husband and children 14, 8 and 4. Of course there is the worry of finances as one income is not enough so I am pursuing my passion to establish myself as a freelance employment lawyer. Just need to brush up on a few refresher courses and hopefully in six months time will start taking on a few clients. I am looking forward to NEVER lecturing again. When I say you inspired me….. I watched you from afar (FB) that you decided to follow your passion and I said to myself this lady has guts, she had such a lovely job but decided to put family first and also follow her passion at the same time. I loved that…. Honestly it made my decision less daunting. Really well done Fiso

  3. Girl u nothing but a superstar! Your story in very inspiring muzukuru. I remember u were always good in the kitchen and who knew it would take u here. Sounds cliche but u’ve inspired me a lot!!!!!

  4. Quite inspiring Fiso shaa!i must say i admire your guts ufunge. I remember u mentioned in high school kuti u cried a lot when u were given fashion and fabrics as a practical as you rather preferred Food & Nutrition!!Keep on doing what you love best; the sky is the limit.

  5. Well done Sifiso! May the Lord give you insight and courage as you make this important decision. All the best. Sikhu xxx

  6. What a great story. Must have been hard to leave though – I think about leaving my job all the time too but don’t have the courage to give up the stability. Glad you’ve made the leap and are happy 🙂

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