Holy Communion Cake and Wired Fondant Grapes Topper Tutorial

Been going through my hundreds of photographs this morning and came across this pictorial tutorial I made a little while ago so i thought I would go ahead and share it in this week’s blog post.

I made this 2 tier cake for Gianluca’s first Holy communion. The top tier as a Chocolate fudge cake with dark chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream. Bottom tier was a Vanilla sponge cake filled with Jam and Vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.

The customer sent me an image of a cake she’d found online and liked which had grapes that looked like they had been made in a silicone mould. I did not own a grape mould and did not feel it was necessary  to buy one for this cake especially. I try and only ever buy tools I am likely to use again in the future. Not only does this reduce what could essentially end up as clutter,but keeps costs down, benefiting the customer ultimately. I also quite fancied a challenge so I decided to have a go at making a bunch of grapes that looked as realistic as possible. I searched online for a tutorial but could not find one. I decided to photograph the stages as i attempted them so I could share with you.

Here is how to make them

wired grapes tutorial

  • Using florist tape , tape around the hook.This step is not essential but helps the flower paste cling better onto the wire

wired grape tutorial

  • Brush a small amount of edible glue on the taped end of the florist wire. Insert wire about 2/3 of the way up your rolled “grape”

wired grape tutorial

  • Leave to dry overnight. You may need to leave it longer if the weather is humid

wired grape tutorial

  • To get the high shine brush with a little confectioners glaze

wired grape tutorial

  • Finish by wiring the grapes

first communion cup tutorial

To make the Chalice I used a tutorial from Sugar Sweet Cakes and Treats 

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